Padel Shop in USA

The Padelshop is now open offering in USA the best Dunlop and Head Paddles in the market at great  prices served in 2 or 3 days. Dunlop is a very well known brand for rackets and has sold more Padel rackets in Spain that tennis rackets. The key products produced under the Dunlop Sport brand are equipment for the sports of tennis, padel,  badminton, squash, golf and racquetball, which includes rackets, golf clubs, grips, over-grips, strings, vibration dampeners, bags, apparel and shoes.  Dunlop annually sells 80,000 Padel rackets and more than 150,000 dozen Padel balls – They are  the market leader in units sold in both families.

The HEAD Company Inc. is a sports equipment and clothing company, known mainly for their alpine skis and tennis rackets, adding Padel now to the collection.

Head’s tennis rackets are used by many current top tennis stars such as Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Tommy Haas, Richard Gasquet, Gilles Simon, Maria Sharapova, Svetlana Kuznetsova, Tomáš Berdych, Ivan Ljubičić, Mikhail Youzhny, as well as still active legends like Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf, Goran Ivanišević and many more. Roughly 30% of the Top 100 tennis players on the ATP Tour currently use Head tennis rackets. Some of this Tennis players also enjoy playing Padel.

Here are some images of Djokovic, Sharapova, Higgings playing Padel .

djokovic, sharapova, padel


The new HEAD Padel Pro Ball is the official Padel ball  at the new professional circuit, the World Paddle Tour. The ball has been approved by the Professional Padel Player Association.

After creating the model of tennis ball played at  the most ATP tournaments , including the ATP World Tour Finals in London, HEAD brings all its experience to create a unique model for Padel: the New Padel Pro. Head is also sponsoring the number one Padel Player in the World Fernando Belasteguin who is playing with one of the best rackets for Padel , The Head Tornado-3.0 E bela-2013.

A great surprise for Padel is Adidas. Just launched the new ADIDAS collection for Padel Rackets. Great news for Padel.






World Padel Tour Court

Take a look at the court at the World Padel Tour. More than 3000 people enjoyed the first final in Murcia, Spain. The panoramic court enhances the view and allows performance at the highest level, which is in accordance with regulatory standards (NIDE Padel 2004), and the rules and regulations of the International Padel Federation.

Tempered glass 12 mm or 0.47″ thick. Having glass angles, without obstructing structures, allows a maximum view for spectators, ideal for a centre court. Padel Courts fit easily in the environment. Optional 4 or 8 lighting posts 6m or 19 ‘ and 8.22 ” height, halogen bulbs 400W each.

World Padel Tour


The PadelBox LLC is dedicated exclusively to the construction, installation and maintenance of padel courts for USA

The mission of this company is to share our passion for Padel installing courts , creating tournaments and developing the 21st Century racquet Sport in USA.
We not only offer a full management service, starting with the installation and maintenance of the court but we also provide detailed and innovative design solutions with Our Complete Turnkey Services.
We can help you organize events and advertise them, we can arrange exhibition matches, training courses, and also provide experienced training for your coaches or trainers to guarantee your club members the best services and education about this sport.

The PadelBox LLC benefits:

  • Our Courts are manufactured according to laws of the International Padel Federation.
  • We offer the best value market price and best materials.
  • Courts are guaranteed to satisfy.
  • Budget is free of charge with a 3D project included.
  • Viability studies are offered for your Padel project.
  • Promotion and marketing tools to manage your installation.
  • Full maintenance of courts.
  • Direct contact with mayor Padel brands.


Will Word Padel Tour come to USA?

World Padel Tour has reached an agreement with national TV to issue a weekly program, every Friday at 7:00 pm from April.

World Padel Tour also has more alternative plans for the professional Padel to be seen on television nationwide.
World Padel Tour is moving with optimism, always looking on the bright side and working enthusiastically for the start of this great project starting next April 8 in Murcia. After a long selection process, the 14 cities that will host an official tournament in this first season were defined.

Internationally, the dates are already confirmed but still remains to define the selected countries. Have submitted proposals and remained as finalists: England, France, Portugal, Argentina, China, UAE, and the principalities of Andorra and Monaco. Some of these eight countries should be removed in April for the first edition, but the goal is to increase year by year the number of international tournaments.
We hope that The World Padel Tour comes to USA soon!

We are sharing this video from PPT so you can enjoy watching Padel.


Trying Padel Palas in New York

We took our Palas to the Park and tennis, squash and handball players tried them.

Everybody was very curious about Padel. We keep working to bring some courts to NYC.


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Padel: The perfect combination between tennis and squash

Padel is very similar to Tennis. The rules are the same as in tennis, the strokes are similar. In Padel you use the Forehand ground stroke, the Backhand ground stroke and of course the Volley. It is easy to learn if you know how to play tennis because in Padel you use the same grips, you can slide the ball and most of the movements are the same.The big difference are the back walls made mostly of glass where you have a second chance to hit the ball.

Squash is a high-speed racquet sport played by two players (or in doubles 4 players on court at a time) in a four-walled court with a small, hollow rubber ball. It is fast and it requires mental agility.

Padel is similar to Squash when it comes to the glass walls. The ball may strike the side or back walls at any time, as long as it hits the ground first. Then is when you can hit the ball again and it is one of the greatest aspects of this fun racquet sport.

To view the similarities you can what this video.



Padel news from Houston. The first women´s padel interclub was held on Saturday.

The Houstonian Club hosted the first Women´s Padel Inter club match ever made in the USA against Sports Culture in its two court padel facility.

The Houstonian Club is located in the Galleria area of Houston, Texas, Sports Culture is located in the Woodlands , Texas.

The players were excited to be able to have a variety of competition by playing different players from another club. The service offered by the Houstonian was excellent: fresh food, cold drinks, towels ,seating and shade made the Houston hot conditions a very comfortable atmosphere. The ladies had a great time playing and meeting new people. Mike May and Carlos Bataller, tennis and padel directors of the clubs organized the event for their members.

Mike May says: ” It is amazing to see the girls competing on the court, socializing off the court, and having a good time in both scenarios.

We will bring you news about the next tournament at the end of September.

In Spain the number of women players in increasing to more than 35% of a total of 3 million players already.