Record your tennis or padel games with RecPlay


One of the best ways to improve your game is to watch your self playing. Many tennis and padel clubs are installing cameras at their courts to be able to correct gestural failures, position, stroke finish. Together with an instructor’s observations this new system can help you improve your game.

It is also a fun way to record your games with your friends, edit them and even share them on social networks.

The Bruguera Tennis Academy Top Team with eleven technicians, three trainers, physiotherapist, sports psychologist, etc.. has been one of the first Academies to try revolutionary system to improve the technique of his players with great results.
The cameras are located high enough to get the perfect view. The best location is on top of the glass area.
Here are some videos to view examples.

Head increases its presence in Padel clubs

Four years after his arrival in the Spanish market HEAD has gained a significant gap in the market of this sport.

Head during 2012 has been released to the accomplishment of test material, clinics, organization of training days or sponsorship of tournaments in different clubs in Spain.

We are really pleased with the acceptance of these initiatives that allow us to present our material and to know the direct consumer reviews, said Ricardo Fernandez, Racket Sports responsible at HEAD.

HEAD will continue working on this initiatives during the rest of 2012.

Head will be the first sponsor at the World Padel Tour

Starting on 2013 the World Padel Tour will be the first international Tour that meets the greatest number of professional Padel players.

Head, which is increasing  its commitment with the sport, becomes the first technical sponsor and will help Padel to reach three continents.

In addition to the personal commitment with some players , Head will be the oficial ball for the tournament.

With the support of 90% of current professional tour players, including 19 of the top 25, the WPT is a clear commitment to provide the growing world of padel competition with genuine global reach to disseminate and to get this sport beyond our borders. The WPT will have 18 tours, four of them outside Spain across Europe, Asia and America, and a Masters final be held in Spain.

Head was carring  a wide range of raquets (palas)  and this year we released our first collection of textiles in Spain have also five padel shoe models, and be the official ball of the WPT since its launch in 2013 until 2015, for three seasons. This is great news that we are sure we will report good experiences to both parties.

Here are some samples of Head´s palas and Clothing. Very cool clothing!!!


Padel “palas”

What are palas made of?

Most of the frame of the racket is made of fiberglass the best material in the manufacture of palas. It is more flexible than graphite but less light. Graphite or carbon combined with exceptional qualities offered a very good resistance to impact. The fiberglass sheets and tubular braids are available with different grams per square meter. Possessing qualities of flexion is ideal for placing on the impact surface of the palas.They can also be made of carbon.

Carbon is the essence of the graphite particles. CARBON 14 (isotope of carbon) is radioactive and is used to date ancient artefacts and even as a tracer in biological research. Researchers, scientists N.A.S.A. employed by multinationals in the world of the racket applied the highest quality carbon materials about getting great results in terms of lightness and strength.
Carbon has a fundamental peculiarity for use in the components of a paddle pala, and is unmatched resistance to pressure and great rigidity. The face may contain kevlar. It is a fabric with a special treaty which makes it one of the toughest fabrics today. Carbon and kevlar are introduced to some higher end rackets to make them extra resistant to shocks and accidents.  The face of a padel racket is usually made of soft materials (foam) or hard materials (eva). The advantages are arguable. It remains a personal choice. Very light weight which is great for its use. 360 g = 0.793664 lb