Will Word Padel Tour come to USA?

World Padel Tour has reached an agreement with national TV to issue a weekly program, every Friday at 7:00 pm from April.

World Padel Tour also has more alternative plans for the professional Padel to be seen on television nationwide.
World Padel Tour is moving with optimism, always looking on the bright side and working enthusiastically for the start of this great project starting next April 8 in Murcia. After a long selection process, the 14 cities that will host an official tournament in this first season were defined.

Internationally, the dates are already confirmed but still remains to define the selected countries. Have submitted proposals and remained as finalists: England, France, Portugal, Argentina, China, UAE, and the principalities of Andorra and Monaco. Some of these eight countries should be removed in April for the first edition, but the goal is to increase year by year the number of international tournaments.
We hope that The World Padel Tour comes to USA soon!

We are sharing this video from PPT so you can enjoy watching Padel.