Paddle Tennis and Padel

Paddel tennis

The game is played outdoors in the winter with four players on a 60-by-30-foot fenced-in court (around a third the size of a tennis court). Players use a small composite racket with holes and a special ball that is heavier and less bouncy than a tennis ball. Rules of the game are identical to tennis with a few exceptions: only one serve, serves that touch the net are played, and what many consider the best thing about platform tennis—the ball can be played off the screened walls.

Platform tennis is a racket sport that is played outdoors in cold weather. The sport is played at private clubs, public parks, and in backyards at both highly competitive and purely recreational levels. While traditionally a wealthy, suburban sport played at exclusive country clubs, platform tennis is spreading to municipalities, athletic clubs, resorts, and residential developments. Courts are approximately $60,000.

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Padel is the newest and most international of all racket sports. Also the most popular in Europe and South America right after soccer. There are more than 10 million players in the world. Padel is played with modified, underinflated tennis balls, platform is played with solid rubber balls. The racket for platform tennis is thinner and has grit mixed into its painted surface to provide friction. Padel raquets are lighter ,softer (made of foam) and easier to control. Courts are made of galvanized steel, tempered glass and turf grass. The court sourrounded by glass allows the player to use the glass a second change to hit the ball making the game much more fun and with longer rallies. Always played by four players. Courts are 66 by 33 feet aproximatelly and are built over a flat surface.