The PadelBox LLC

The Padel Box LLC is an American Company dedicated exclusively to the construction, installation and maintenance of padel courts.

We have been installing padel courts across Spain and Europe for over 15 years and woriking in the USA since 2012. We offer top quality products at the best price, quaranteed satisfaction and helpful customer service throughout the Padel experience.

The mission of this company is to share with you our passion for Padel, offering all the possibilities for your company to learn and benefit from this sport. Padel is highly increasing its demand these days in Europe, only in Spain almost 4 million people already play and more than 10 million players enjoy Padel in the World.

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We not only offer a full management service, starting with the installation and maintenance of the court but we also provide detailed and innovative design solutions with Our Complete Turnkey Services

By doing a precise pre-analysis and using 3D renderings, you will be able to see the court built at the desired place and how it will look before the actual installation as well as the entire Padel Club.

We can help you organize events and advertise them, we can arrange exhibition matches, training courses, and also provide experienced training for your coaches or trainers to guarantee your club members the best services and education about this sport.

For more information about our courts you can visit us at


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  1. Hola el 16 estoy en new york queria saber si hay tiendas donde pueda comprar productosdee padel o en miami. Gracias

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